Pardot MASTER Smart Start

The Pardot MASTER Smart Start is designed for organizations interested in utilizing the full power of Pardot's Marketing Automation functionality to create & nurture new Leads.  This Package will help you get up and running with Pardot, quickly and easily.

Project Planning

  • Dedicated Pardot Technologist
  • Project Management Tool
  • Project Kick Off Call
  • Customized Implementation Plan
  • Weekly Status Call
  • Project Wrap Up Call Integration

  • Install Pardot Connector Package/Bundle
  • Lead & Contact Page Layouts Updated
  • Mapping Lead Fields to Contact Fields
  • Mapping SFDC Custom Fields to Pardot Contact Fields 
  • Data Migration from to Pardot

Technical Setup

  • ​Install & Configure Lead Deck (2 Computers)
  • ​Implement Website Tracking Code to Log Visitor Activity
  • Create Vanity Tracker Domain (CNAME) for Branded Pardot Hosted Links
  • Implement Email Authentication for Email Delivery Optimization

Marketing Asset & Integration Setup

  • ​Client provides HTML/Graphic Creative Assets
  • Setup Website Tracking
  • 4 Email Templates Setup
  • 4 Email Lists Segmented
  • 3 Landing Pages Setup
  • 5 Forms / Form Handlers Setup
  • Setup Lead Assignment
  • Create E-mail Preference Page
  • Create Unsubscribe Page

Training & Support

  • 8 Hours Virtual User Training (Unlimited Attendees)
  • 2 Weeks Slack Instant Messaging Support
    (Post Package Completion)

Pardot MASTER Smart Start

Any Smart Start can be customized to suit your unique business requirements, just ask!

Please Note:  The contents of this Package are subject to change at any time, and without notice.  Purchase immediately to lock in the above benefits.